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Age: 7 yrs     Diagnosis: Post Surgical Pain    Breed: Staffordshire Terrier

Mya is a 7 year old rambunctious, 65 lbs Staffordshire Terrier that loves to play, run and hike with her owners. She presented to her Veterinarian for limping on her left hind leg after a hike. She tore her ACL in her right knee the previous year. She had surgery on the right knee and recovered phenomenally. Her pet parents, Chris and Rebecca, were suspicious that now she had torn the same ligament on the right side. Since the first surgery worked out so well, they were ready to book surgery for the second knee.

Mya's primary care DVM took x-rays and confirmed that her left knee had the ligament tear. Mya had surgery on her knee a month later. A surgeon performed a procedure called a TPLO. This surgery worked great for Mya the first time and now her parents were experienced and ready for her post op rest and recovery. They expected that in 8 weeks she would be able to hike just like her first surgery.

Mya's owners followed all of the directions for her post surgery care. She was very strictly rested for 2 weeks and they only gradually increased her walking as directed. She continued to limp and tire easily even 8 weeks after surgery. She even seemed slightly painful when her knee was touched.

Rebecca took her back to her veterinarian for an evaluation. Recheck x-rays showed no problems with the surgical implant in her knee. Her surgery had healed perfectly. Rebecca and Chris were worried. There was not a medical reason that Mya was still limping, painful and tired out easily. She could not enjoy walks or hikes with her family any longer.

Mya was referred to the Rehabilitation Therapist at Amador Valley Veterinary Center, Dr Summer Godfrey. Her limp was evaluated and she walked holding her knee turned out. She was also painful to the touch on her knee. Her abnormal gait was causing soreness in other muscles which perpetuated the cycle of abnormal pressure on her knee.

Mya was treated with Cold Laser Therapy and Therapeutic exercises once a week. The cold laser reduced inflammation and controlled her pain and swelling. This allowed Dr. Godfrey to perform exercises that retrained Mya's muscles to walk correctly. After one month of weekly therapy, Mya is able to hike with her family again. She no longer tires out early and her knee is not painful.  We are thrilled that Laser Therapy was successful in returning Mya to her active way of life!

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